‘We won’t have the same squad unless some miracle happens’

Sharma praised Mumbai’s talent scout too.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

The IPL 2021 ended as a heartbreak for Mumbai Indians as the five-time winning franchise couldn’t even make it to the playoffs of the season. The IPL 2022 will see a mega auction ahead of it and in this case, the teams will get shuffled majorly. Skipper Rohit Sharma states that he wishes to have the same core group for Mumbai every time but this cannot be the case now.

Sharma added that they won’t have the same squad until some miracle happens. It is known that MI have enjoyed huge success with their current set of players over the years as they have five titles in their cabinet. They stand to be one of the most successful franchises in the world.

“We won’t have the same squad unless some miracle happens. It will be hard not to have all of them as part of the same group next year. But, hopefully, we can get the same core group of players and create a magical couple of years,” said Rohit Sharma in a video shared by Mumbai Indians on Twitter.

The credit has to go to the scouts: Rohit Sharma

Moving further into the conversation, Sharma had special words of praise for their talent scout which played a great role in their last mega auction and picked some of the best players. He added that they do a great job by keeping an eye on all the domestic games and give feedback to the management for the same. Sharma further lauded the environment these players create for themselves to produce the best.

“The credit has to go to the scouts. Who just go day in and day out and watch all the domestic games. And give us feedback as to what individuals are doing. These players are not made over one or two games or one or two seasons. It’s a lot of hard work over the years that they have put in to make sure that they get the environment they want, to go out there and do the best they can,” he added.

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